The course of treatment

It’s quick, efficient and painless. Our clinic is the only place that provides no scalpel vasectomy in the country.


If you are interested in the procedure, please schedule a consultation appointment. You can schedule the online here. During the consultation appointment one of our professionals will explain the procedure in detail and will be able to answer all your questions. A signed vasectomy application is due 14 days prior the procedure date. An informed consent form will be given to you for signature the day of the procedure. Documents can be downloaded here.

Freezing sperm


We offer the possibility of freezing sperm before surgery. After a vasectomy, sperm can be accessed surgically. In the case of freezing, sperm can be used at any time for artificial insemination. The price for freezing is 5,000 CZK and 1,000 CZK for storage of the sample. Before sampling, we recommend a three day sexual abstinence. An agreement with Gynem Clinic is required prior to sperm sample collection.


The price for scalpel free vasectomy is 13,000 CZK. (From April 2022 13,900 CZK). This procedure is not covered by health insurance in the Czech Republic. The price includes consultation, surgery, and follow-up examination of sperm. Freezing sperm is not included in the price of vasectomy. Payment for the surgery must be paid in cash or by credit card. In the case the surgery does not take place, your payment will be refunded.

The procedure

You can drink or eat on the day of surgery. Please do not take any OTC blood thinning medications or herbal supplements such as NSAID’s, Acylpyrine, Anopyrin, Aspirin and others at least one week before the procedure. If you have prescription for blood thinning medications such as Warfarin, Heparin and others please consult us. Any additional questions will be answered prior to procedure and the procedure will be performed after the informed consent has been signed.

The procedure is performed by an experienced urologist in an operating room in a private clinic in Prague and Olomouc and lasts approximately 20 minutes. It is performed under local anesthesia. No Scalpel Vasectomy is a procedure performed with two punctures on the scrotum the size of 3 mm. After the procedure (interruption and sealing of the vas deferens and ligation of the skin), only two puncture wound remains. There is no need for stitching the wound and only a patch will be applied.

No scalpel vasectomy

After Surgery

Half an hour after the procedure, the surgical site is checked by the doctor and the client goes home. Surgery or anesthesia do not affect the ability to drive. It is not recommended to participate in strenuous physical exercise and baths immediately after the procedure. Showering is possible. In the case of pain, it is recommended to use common analgesics such as Paralen two 500mg tablets or one 400mg Ibalgin tablet and ice on scrotum. It is ok to participate in ordinary physical activities the next day post procedure, however it is recommended to omit sports and baths for at least two days post procedure.

Sperm count control

Before the use of vasectomy as a contraceptive method (post procedure), a sperm analysis is obtained to confirm the absence of sperm in the ejaculate. Before the examination of the sperm, the patient should have 15-20 ejaculations during which the rest of the sperm will be removed. The sperm test is done about 10 weeks post-surgery. Sperm count can be made on any business day in Prague Clinic Gynem or in Olomouc Center MEDIOL. Sperm test is included in the price.

No scalpel vasectomy

Very gentle and painless procedure

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